Saturday, 22 October 2016

Tutorial decorative home decor snowflakes

Welcome to my tutorial to how you how to make a decorative snowflake for your home decor.  I have made this on a small size, with a view to making them as tree decorations. You can make them as big or as small as you like using the same process just bigger squares of paper.


6 sheets of square double sided patterned paper, trimmed down to 4" x 4".


Stapler.  Ribbon.  Hole punch.


Trim down your patterned paper to your desired size.


Fold each square in half and half again and then carefully cut three times but don't cut right to the centre. Do this to each piece.


When you open your paper, it should look something like this:

Next comes the folding and sticking to create your snowflake, do this to each one.

Open your piece of paper and take the middle and bring to the front and stick them together like so:


Turn the paper over and repeat with the next strips.


Do it again.


And then once more.


Repeat with the remainder pieces and then you should end up with six of these, ready to assemble to create your snowflake.

Now comes the sticking.

I use the snail adhesive to stick the middle and then stick the point (which will become the middle) gradually adding them, I do three at a time and then join them together, popping a staple in the centre point.  Finally, add some ribbon to hang your snowflake.  You could even create these for all times of the year, perhaps weddings, halloween, or if you decorate your home for the seasons.  Check out the selection of papers in my shop.

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