Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tutorial making magazine trees

My friend Izzy posted a link for some wonderful trees on the Martha Stewart site.  They are quick - mine didn't take too long - and for what they are I think they are quite amazing, all you need is an old magazine, or even an old book that wasn't a very good read (!) a bone folder if you have one and I have used some glitter spray.

It is a simple case of stage 1, folding the right hand page over into the spine.... 2011-12-03+15.43.40

Stage 2, fold the page again into the spine, so you end up with a 'tie' shape.  I did this for each page rather than doing stage 1 for all the pages and then going back for stage 2.


Stage 3, tuck the ends under so you get a flat bottom to make the base (or you can just fold it up and not tuck it in, it's your choice).


Then if you have some glitter spray, give it some glitter (in a well ventilated room if you are using spray).


And there you have it, your tree.  Shame you can't see the sparkle so much.  I'm not quite finished, the glitter itself is coming out to play :)


For the complete Martha Stewart video, please click here.