Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tutorial creating a cascading card

I have trawled and found a video on how to make a cascading card, the one I found is done by Chris at Calla Lily Studio, you can go check it out here

In the meantime, I've had another go from the one I made earlier and created a step by step tutorial on what I have done!  All you need is one sheet of 12x12 cardstock.

Mark  5 1/2" down on the left hand side and 2 1/2" on the right hand side, you can work from the top or the bottom for this, it doesn't matter.


Draw a light line to connect the marks and then you trim the cardstock down.


On the piece of cardstock that is left, trim it at 4" so you have a (rectangle), the piece on the right of the picture forms the other half of your cascading card.

You should end up with two pieces like so

Now you are going to have to draw a line on each piece of card, at the taller edge you need a mark that is 2 3/4" up and the right a mark that is 1 1/4" up.  Draw a feint line to join these marks - you can rub them out later.

Next, Using your scoring board, score at 2", 4" 8" and 10" at the 6" mark rather than scoring, draw a line in pencil at this point.  Do this on each half.  Next you are going to do some cutting.  Taking one piece, cut up from the 2" score to the centre line, and do the same at the 10" score.

At the 6" mark on this piece, cut down to the centre line.

On the other piece, you are going to cut the opposite side to what you have just done at the centre line the 2" and 10" scores so you can slot the pieces together.

Erase your pencil lines, and slot the pieces together.  Before I did that, I punched the top edge with the scallop trim border punch.  Then just decorate away.