Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Tutorial exploding box

3 sheets 12x12" cardstock to make the box - I used coordinating blues for mine.
1 sheet of cardstock for the lid trimmed down to 7x7"
Patterned paper (raid the scrap box!)
Strong double sided tape, the red sticky tape from SU

Step 1: Trimming
Trim your three sheets of 12x12 as follows:
1 - 8¼ x 8¼"  (21cm square)
2 - 8 5/8 x 8 5/8"  (22cm square)
3 - 9 x 9" (22.9cm square)

So you have three sheets of cardstock that look like this

Step 2: Scoring

Score sheet 1 (the smallest) at 2.75 and 5.5" on each side

Score sheet 2 (the middle size) at 2 7/8 and 5.75" on each side

Finally sheet 3 (the biggest) at 3" and 6" (no picture of this one).

Step 3: Cutting
On all the sheets, cut off the corners as shown

Once you've trimmed down the sheets, give them a good crease with your bone folder and you can ink the edges and shape the corners if you so wish.

Step 4: layering & sticking
To stick the bits down I have stuck very sticky tape onto the smallest and next sized up on the back.  Stick them down onto the larger piece and you are ready to decorate your box.

Step 5: the lid

Diagonal score at 2.25" - 3.5" and 4.75" and a straight score down from centre at 3.5" to the middle score mark.

Fold at the 3.5" crease into the middle on opposite sides

Then fold again into the middle at the 2.25 crease

Next comes to the folding and tucking in. You have to tuck the 'ears' under the flap, (if you've not done this before you might have to have a bit of trial and error like I did to get them tucked in)

Repeat on the other side and then you should end up with a lid.

Now all you need to do is decorate the insides and the lid too if you want.  I've run out of time to finish this off tonight but I hope you can see the effect that the exploding box has.