Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Tutorial: origami menko traditional envelope

I was tidying up some notebooks and found the 'recipe' for making an origami envelope.   It's a sweet little envelope and I have been busy making these as some swaps for a Stampin' Up! event.

It may look a bit daunting if you haven't played around with origami before, but once you get started, you may find you have a stockpile of origami envelopes.  This is using a piece of 6x6 paper. Using your scoreboard, score at 2" and 4".

Then turn and score again at 2" and 4". For easier folding you might like to score on the diagonals as shown on the image below by the dashed lines.

Folding.  I've made this into a little video as it was easier than taking lots of pictures.  When you get to the final piece, this is simply tucked in to secure the envelope.



You can pop something into the envelope before tucking in that final fold.

I hope you give it ago, and it works!