Sunday, 26 November 2017

Tutorial twist and pop up card

I've made a few of these cards, I love the way they have a little surprise when the recipient opens it.  You can find tutorials on youtube, but, I like the step by step in front of me and therefore, I've done this little guide for anyone who is like me!

You are going to need three pieces of cardstock, and ideally a scoreboard as there is a little bit of scoring involved in this project.

Your pieces of cardstock measure: 26 x 9cm  /  20 x 9cm  and 30 x 10cm.  The 30x10 piece is the card base.

Step 1 - using the piece that is 26 x 9cm, score at 6.5cm, 13cm and 19.5cm.  Put this piece to one side.

twist and fold card

Step 2 - using the 20 x 9cm piece, using a pencil, mark at 5.5cm in at each end.  You are going to score an 'X' scoring diagonally.  Then score the piece in half along the long edge.

twist and fold card

Give the folds a good crease using your bone folder. It is going to fold so it looks like a little house!  I've taken some pictures of the folds and hope it helps when you come to this part.

twist and fold card twist and fold card twist and fold card

Step 3 - taking your 30x10 piece, score this in half.  It is up to you, but I decorate the inside of this piece. I decorate just one part of the inside, what would be the top, so that I can write on the bottom part.

The technical part.  

With the card open, on the fold, mark the centre.  Taking the folded cardstock from step 2, you are going to glue the triangle and then stick this into the card at the centre point.  I find the easiest way is to glue the 'triangle' and then fold the card down.  You are then going to repeat this with the other 'triangle'.

twist and fold card twist and fold card

You should end up with this.

twist and fold card


The next stage is to add in the 26x9 piece of cardstock.

Mark the centre of the insert (the 20x9 piece).
Taking the 26x9 piece, place the centre fold, at the centre mark you have just made.

twist and fold card

Fold over the outside flaps and glue the parts marked with an 'x'.

twist and fold card

After following these steps, I hope that you have ended up with what I have in the little video and all you need to do now is to decorate it.