Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Stampin' Up! meets Brusho watercolour crystals

I love that we are getting more product to create amazing projects.  Having seen these at the SU conference in November 2017, I am looking forward to getting mine to play with.  I held off ordering until the new catalogue release as I had a bit of a pre-order splurge!

Brusho are very fine ink crystals that you can mix with water to make watercolour washes and designs.  Sprinkle the crystals direct on to water-washed paper and the colours just 'pop'.  You  really don't need much when it comes to giving it a sprinkle onto your project.  As they are fine, I would simply make a hole in the lid with a pin, I have 'map pins' is ready for mine as you don't want to blow it, or think of making holes like you get for talcum powder. As it is so fine, it has a tendency to go airborne, so you may want to get some grid or scrap paper to hand, when you watch the video you will see what I mean.

The Brusho comes in a set of five colours, Yellow, Brilliant Red, Moss Green, Prussian Blue, and Gamboge.  Sit back and watch them do their magic.


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