Saturday, 10 February 2018

Colouring Crystals - Magical

Hello dear reader

Having had a bit of a stinking headache these past few days, my creativity took a downturn.  Although willing, the body was having none of it.  Today though, despite it being late (for me), I had the urge and beaten down the pounding head to get mucky!

I've had the Brusho out today, delightful crystals (don't sneeze, they will go everywhere).  The tip is to make holes in the tops, think of a salt/pepper shaker.

I spritzed an acrylic block and then simply shook some crystals on and let them merge.  Then placed some cardstock on top and let it 'do its thing'.  Once it was dry, which didn't take too long, I used the magical day stamps to finish off my card.  I stamp some stars and embossed them with white embossing powder (which involved spending a few minutes figuring out where I had put my heat gun!).