Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Card making with memories and more

Have you seen the Sweet Soirée Memories & More Card Pack?  This is the product of the week and if you don't do scrapbooking project life style, turn the Sweet Soirée Memories & More Card Pack into a full set of cards that are ready to go.

Just look at the selection of cards that is possible with just half of one of the card packs.  You can make 12 cards with half a pack, what can you make with a whole one?!  If you haven't checked out the Memories and More selection, thinking they were just for scrapbooking, go have a peek.

Sweet Soirée Memories & More Card Pack

If you are short on time, these are also brilliant for delving into to make a quick card, some are just a case of a card back and a memories and more card!  Check out the other Memories and More card packs and add them to your crafting stash.