Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A busy time and a Z-fold card


Checking my diary and April is one busy month.  Not only have the children broken up from school and on their two week holiday, this week is also the On Stage event for Stampin' Up! in Telford.  I am really gutted as due to other commitments I have not been able to make it but I will have my Stampin' Up! buddies looking out for me.

Onwards with some crafting and delving back into the crafting archives, today in the crafting cave I have made a Z-fold card.  These use one piece of cardstock, you then add your patterned papers and stamps as you so desire.  The Z-fold card is perfect for creating a 3D effect and as they fold flat, you can post them out.

Z fold card

Taking a piece of A4 cardstock, trim it down so that the short edge measures 20cm.  Score at 7.5cm and 15cm.  Then trim 5cm from the long edge to create two separate panels.

z fold card project idea

Using your chosen papers, cover the front panels.  My papers measure:

Left front & inside panel - 6.5 x 14cm
Right panel - 13.5 x 14cm

Z fold card

For the strip, one piece 14 x 4cm, and 2 pieces 6.5 x 4cm.  You might want to decorate the 'inside' before adhering the 'z' strip to the front of your card.

Z fold card


Z fold card

Have fun crafting, this is just a basic construction but you can go wild!

z fold card