Monday, 23 April 2018

Have you seen the rabbits?

Hey, dear reader.  This is not a crafting post, shock, horror!   You may have caught from my Instagram feed that we have some furry friends in the house.  We have the joy of some house bunnies.  Genny had two for her birthday one year.  And, yes, they are house trained (mostly!) and have poop-decks! (Think cat litter tray).

Let me introduce you to the team:

Daisy.  Daisy is a delight although she is sometimes grumpy.  She's a girl, she has the right even if she is a rabbit!  She tends to blend into the rug downstairs.  I think there was some kind of subliminal thing going on when I chose the rug.  Daisy likes lots of hay, carrots, greens (cabbage, brussel sprouts, dandelion leaves...), wall paper, door frames, boxes and she is partial to some fresh herbs from the garden.

Daisy on the Ikea doll bed!!

Daisy House Rabbit

The bunny tail

Daisy bunny tail

Duke.  He is the man, called duke as he has a 'tache.  He is really, really laid back, he does a lot of 'the flops'.  One minute sitting up and the next you hear a slight thud as he does the rabbit flop. He also has the same eating habits as Daisy.  He is more cuddly than Daisy, although neither of them are lap bunnies.  You can still sit with them and give them some cuddles and they do the bunny purr (grinding of teeth).

~ Duke, when he was smaller ~

Duke the man (rabbit)

Company when crafting - a bit like a dog lying at your feet but here is a rabbit!

Duke splat rabbit

New addition: Tilly

Tilly is adopted and joined us just a week or so ago (April 2018).  She is a cross with a lion head rabbit and not sure what else, maybe a Rex.  She is very friendly, although Daisy has some issues to work through with having another woman in the house, but they are getting there.  We knew it would take some time with introducing another rabbit to the Daisy-Duke partnership (they are brother and sister), but it there is some improvement in the 'getting to know each other' stage. Duke doesn't care, he has another woman (all rabbits have been 'done'), and has been friendly towards Tilly (no more than that when we are around anyway!).  We're getting used to having ears up as Duke and Daisy are lops.

~ Tilly, investigating the camera ~

Tilly House Rabbit

Ears!  Not used to having them 'up'

Tilly House Rabbit

There are also a couple of chickens, they live outside in their Egglu and are currently not free-loading. They have been known to wander inside to check things out.