Monday, 2 April 2018

Origami fancy diamond fold envelope card

I've gone through my crafting folder of things I have saved with a view to making one day, some of them are quite 'old', but you know a technique never dies and it's like going through supplies.  I have this style of card done in a couple of ways, I'm going to show you the 'origami' way.  I first saw this type of card back in 2011 and have made a few since then.

Tutorial Origami Diamond Fold Envelope Card

It is quite simple but effective and you need one piece of 12x12 paper.  In my effort to use my hoard of paper (I can't stroke it forever!), I've grabbed a sheet from my supplies.

How to make the folds:

Taking your sheet of paper, fold it diagonally, if you have a single sided patterned paper you want to have the pattern face down. Burnish your fold using your bone folder.

Now you need to score the paper as follows along the long edge.  This is where I cannot find my scoreboard and so I have used the scoring blade in my trimmer (it is easier using a scoreboard!).

Score at 3.5" and 6" flip the paper over and repeat.  You then turn the paper and you want to score at 3.5" from the point. (As I am using my trimmer to do this, and if you don't yet have the scoreboard, score at 4 7/8")

Tutorial Origami Diamond Fold Envelope Card

I'd recommend burnishing all your folds to make them nice and crisp.  When that is done, you snip out the triangles caused by the folds.

Tutorial Origami Diamond Fold Envelope Card

We are nearly there.  You are then going to make your diamonds.  I've done this in a short video (one handed, so bear with me!).


You then tuck your envelope flap into the slot created by your diamond.  Now you have your base, you can add a mat inside the card so you can write your sentiment and decorate the outside diamond.  For my card, I used a couple of the cards from the memories and more card pack - they're not just for scrapbooking!

Tutorial Origami Diamond Fold Envelope Card