Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A crafting overhaul

It's one of those 'better late than never' periods.  Over my crafting years, from the beginning of time, well not quite as I'm not that old, I've enjoyed all sorts of crafting.  Whether this has been sewing in the manner of cross stitching, making 'stuff' using a sewing machine, I never did get into painting albeit I do have an art 'O' level and my final piece (I still remember it) was a painting.  Papercrafts has really been my kind of thing.  Scrapbooking, 3D projects, making cards and home decor with paper still makes me happy after all these years.

I enjoyed crafting a lot, from having a little eBay shop, this turned into a real shop and The Scraporium was born in the late '90s.  That was a good run but things in our family unit meant that we (me and Brian) had to let it go.  That really was a sad time.  Anyway, that didn't deter crafting and there may be some papers that are in a box from all that time ago (who knows me may remember my adoration (or is it lust!) of some of the scrapbook papers).  The saying goodbye of The Scraporium perhaps was meant to be as if our own little scrapping emporium was still in existence I wouldn't be in a position to share Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator (and still supply you with great crafting supplies!).

With the little bit of digression above, let's focus on the crafting overhaul.  Over the years, I have used EsElleK, it is just 'me' (think phonetics).  I've had my blog on various platforms, and had my own domain name (you are here now) for ages and I was chatting to someone, a non-crafter, and we got onto branding and I've taken the time to think about it and made some changes in various places. It's taken a while to get here!  Now on Facebook, I've changed my page name (so you might have to re-bookmark my page) and my page is now, Esellek Papercraft. (The Facebook name change will kick in at some point, or might already have happened, I am not sure how long these things take).

In an effort to get more people creating, I have also launched my Facebook craft forum, the Esellek Craft Forum.  This is for any crafts and just has a few simple 'please don't do this' to keep it the way I would like it to run.  It is a place to create, inspire and share, and this not a Stampin' Up! only forum.  Please come and share your crafting creations.  This is a little kick for me, I love to craft and this will inspire me to get on with doing rather than thinking!

On that note, I had a little turnaround in my crafting space, a simple case of moving my table.  I don't have much room to play with but it suits me fine.  At least I can find, pretty much, everything and it is to hand rather than having to wander around a room and go for a rummage.  I admit I am not the tidiest crafter. Here's a little snapshot of my space, and if you look closely you can see some new product :).  Look further and you may see a rabbit on a bed.