Sunday, 30 September 2018

Stampin' Up! Sale - world card making day 2018

The last day of September is here, not only is it the day before my birthday, but it is also the last day of the Stampin' Up! year.  And what a September it has been, it has been very busy to say the least.  I had a trip over to Belfast which was a double trip.  I went over with Genny to visit Queens University and stayed with my brother and his family - that was a great weekend. Who would have thought that you'd come back from a university open day with a stick of rock!

Then, the following week, it was up in the air again.  This was a trip with a twist.  Since January Genny thought she was going to Paris for her 18th birthday trip.  Well, I had been lying through my teeth, although I did say she would go see a high building, go on a boat on a river and see Vincent Van Gogh.  It's just that it was in New York! We did the high building (Empire State), went on the river (Hudson to Liberty) and saw Vincent (at The Met).  We had the most amazing time, had to buy another suitcase which was a quick trip into Macy's on the morning we came back!  I definitely need to go back, for longer so I can space out the amount of time that my feet can recuperate!

Now it's calmed down somewhat, I am also delighted and with a big thank you to my customers, that your orders toppled me over the edge and I hit Silver :)  Stampin' Up! has a level system and my sales for the 2017-18 Stampin' Up! year put me into the silver level, and I must also give a big thank you to my team mates which add to the promotion as without them also, I wouldn't have achieved the silver level.  I get a lovely necklace and also some 'points' as a reward (points = can get some freebies!).

Now onto some more things that are happening from 1 October.  As you saw in the header, we have world cardmaking day.  To celebrate this and to help you to craft for less, we have the world card making day sale which runs through to 7 October 2018.  We have a select number of products that have a discount, some of the products are also available in French or German.  You can see all the products here on the flyer with their discounted prices.  But here are some of the products for you to see what's available.  Visit my website, on 1 October to order your supplies.  As a scrapbooker as well as a card maker, I'll be stocking up on the cardstock and I do love the tear & tape and the time has come to grab the stamp set with that typewriter!