Monday, 24 September 2018

Tutorial - Star Ornament - the one that goes ping!

These are super little ornaments.  To make them, I use one sheet of 12x12 paper.

You cut five 4x4" squares.

You'll also need two 2" x 2" pieces of paper, a piece of ribbon and a bead (couldn't find a bead so I used a button).

You are simply scoring each of the 4x4" pieces in half and half again. Then fold them (sorry this picture is a bit dark, I'll get some better light and post a new picture.

Stick them all together.  On the outsides, I used some really sticky tape to add some ribbon, then covered that up with the 2x2 square.

Thread a bead (button in my case) with both pieces of the ribbon then tie a knot at the top.  You slide the bead down to the ornament, then when you put the bead up, the ornament springs open.  I gave all my edges a really good crease.


There you have it.  Have fun!