Friday, 19 October 2018

Broadway bound

I do scrapbook and enjoy scrapbooking when I get the chance.  The pictures arrived of 'the trip' and despite it being late in the day for me, I couldn't resist getting started.  It was the moment when you tell your daughter, at the airport, having asked if she could find the flight check in and she couldn't, that you let on that you had been telling fibs for several months and that she wasn't going to Paris.  I had said she would go up a tall building, on a river and see Vincent van Gogh, not quite in Paris though, but in New York City.  It did sink in eventually that she was going the other way around the planet and that the flight was 7+ hours and not a couple!

Here is layout number 1.

I've used the broadway bound papers and just done some matting and that's it for this layout.  I just wanted this to be clean and simple.  I'll be wading through the other photos to create the memories of this trip.