Sunday, 24 May 2020

Which type of crafter are you?

You may have seen in your crafty travels on the internet the hashtag #simplestamping.  #simplestamping is something for everyone, whether you class yourself as a new crafter or have some papercrafting experience or even if you are someone who is regularly in their craft space.   #simplestamping is when you need a quick card, one that you can create quickly to put in the post, or hand to the recipient. #simplestamping can also be stepped up for the casual and avid stamper, but what do I mean by a beginner, casual and avid stamper?  Read on for the Stampin' Up! definition of each type.  

The #simplestamping Beginner (new to crafting) crafter

There are those who have never picked up a stamp and ink it up, and those that do have had to have started at this stage.  Albeit, I would call this group simply new to crafting and have wanted to find out where to start and want to create a card for a special occasion, or simply 'just because'. As a beginner you would probably be:
  • New to crafting.
  • Are needing some help on how to get started.
  • Can be overwhelmed by all the crafting products available.
  • Want a low cost and to get started quickly.
You might also want to make a bundle of cards of the same design, such as a bunch of thank you cards, or cards for an event that you celebrate.  Great for beginner crafters are the all-inclusive kits, they are what they say and include instructions so you can get started straight away.  Indeed, these kits are also great for the casual and avid crafter who want something quick, or to create without having to think too much!

The #simplestamping Casual crafter

You have moved up from the beginner crafter and you may also be an avid crafter but fall into the casual crafter as you have other things that take you away from the crafting table.  As a casual crafter you may:
  • Craft on an occasional basis, maybe once a month or less.
  • You like to have your projects planned, or CASE (Copy And Share Everything) projects.
When you find that you become fully immersed in your creativity, you may find yourself in the next category, the Avid crafter.

The #simplestamping Avid crafter

When you find yourself frequently crafting, if not every day but at least weekly.  You have decided that you need your own space, or even taken over the dining/kitchen table.  You love trying new techniques and 'need' the latest products.  But most of all, you just love crafting as much as you can, whether this is on your own, or you head out to craft with others. You are fully immersed in the craft and love to get creative whenever you can. 

Need Inspiration?

One place I visit for inspiration is Pinterest.  But also, whether you are a beginner or avid crafter, the catalogue and beginner brochure are both full of ideas and inspiration.

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