Friday fun ~ patriotic ~ gone digital…

I’ve had a few days off work as Brian is off at RAF summer camp, although it has been a rather hectic few days off and I don’t feel like I have had a rest at all! Morgan went to the Norfolk Show yesterday, it being an inset day at school, Genny and Morgan were at home so we went to pay a visit to the new big Sainsburys over at Kings Lynn. Genny has grown so much she has been in need of new clothing and so she is now kitted out. She has another Guide camp next week as part of her Baden Powell and in a, not so many more weeks time, she is off to France on a school trip. Not quite sure how the lamp for her room came into the scheme of things but she now has one, minus a bulb!  After returning home, I am not entirely sure on where the day went!

Today  has been a blur as well.  First a trip to the dentist, an argument with a piece of fruit resulted in losing a piece of tooth, that resulted in a bit owwie and I can vouch that Crabbies in raspberry and also strawberry and lime, do not take the pain away.  Dentinox on the other had and some effect.  This morning, 9am I was heading off to get the tooth fixed and now, thankfully, it seems to be holding up.  Well, the rose wine  currently being consumed is not causing any pain 😉  After coming back home from the dentist it was back out again to take MIL out to get some fresh air and abate the cabin fever.  So back to Fakenham to get some groceries.  Amazingly every single disabled car parking spot was taken so had to park a bit further away and locate a wheelchair.  I don’t think I need ‘L’ plates, I didn’t manage to run anyone over 😉  as we meandered around Morribums.  But, what is it with people, in reversing the car to get out of my parking spot, no human beings in the vicinity at the time, people walked behind me and the *&$&£ had the audacity to bang on my rear window.

I wanted to get my hair cut and had planned on next Wednesday but I think the way that things are planned for that day I couldn’t guarantee getting to Holt.  So, on the off chance I phoned the salon (Professionally Trendy) and managed to get an appointment with Jo.  So now I am happy in the hair department and had a heap chopped off.  I’ve given up ever getting to be long, after all this years I have finally come to the conclusion that it isn’t me 🙂

haircut1 Haircut 2

As it is nearly Canada Day (1 July) and with all the horrendous flooding in parts of Alberta which is where lots of my family live, I have joined in the Dillybeans challenge which is with a patriotic theme.  As the printer is having a hissy fit, I had a few of the flowers run off to colour and have used these and just used red and a bit of green.  Seeing the Canada flag is the red maple leaf, here you go.

Stampin' Up! meets Dillybeans

Lastly, if you are a member of my facebook page you will have seen a couple of projects I created using some software which is coming to the Stampin’ Up! (UK/Europe) in a few days.  As someone who doesn’t do much digital crafting, I have been impressed on how easy it is to use and the templates, well, take a look – all I have done is added photos and text.

Stampin' Up! My Digital Software Stampin' Up! MDS My Digital Software

Hope I’ve not worn you out, may the crafting mojo be with you!

8 thoughts on “Friday fun ~ patriotic ~ gone digital…

  1. I admire you for going digital, I just can’t get my head around it. On the other hand I so jealous that you live near Holt. We stayed in Reedham a couple of summers ago and had the most wonderful day in North Norfolk. There was a brilliant yarn shop (Les Tricoteuses) which I think was in Holt. I spent an obscene amount of money in there.

    1. Ahhhh, the wool shop. Mustn’t forget also, if you make it to Holt again, to have cake in Byfords!

  2. Wow didn’t really realize the pages were digital- Haircut looks great!!! Isn’t this time of year totally MAD!? Glad your tooth is fixed – nothing like a nasty toothache. Ohh and thanks for joining in with the Dilly Beans Challenge this week – i DO love these stamps 🙂 Have a great weekend darling xxxx

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