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Firstly, a big thank you for shopping with me, I am really grateful that you have chosen me as your Demonstrator to place your order.

Looking forward, after having a debate with myself, I am offering FREE delivery on orders of £55+.  The online customer code is still available as a shopping choice if you just want to 'shop and go'.

So, how do you get free delivery?

Rather than place your order via my shop, you simply complete the form below with what you would like, or, if you are tech savvy, shop as usual but rather than submitting the order using my order form, send me a screen shot, eg:

What if your order earns Stampin' Rewards?

If your order qualifies, you will be told in the online shop.  If you are sending a screenshot of your basket, shop for your FREEBIES and send me your final order.  Don't checkout!  I can't give you free delivery if you do.

If you prefer, you can just send me your list, here is the order form!

My preferred payment method is via my Direct Payment Link (Starling Bank) details of which are contained in the order form.  But, if you would like to pay by another means, I can take a Paypal (Friends & Family only) payment. Unfortunately I am unable to take card payments over the phone due to the incoming changes to the online banking system.

Note that on promotions where it is a case of the early bird gets the product, due to the time element and not wanting you to miss an opportunity, please shop directly through my online shop, however, do use the online customer code if your order is under £150. Orders over £150 you have the rewards to shop some more.


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