Sarah Keerie Independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator trifold card

Retiring – The End of 2012-2013 Stampin’ Up! Annual Catalogue Blog Hop ~ ILWS


Welcome, I hope you are going to enjoy this little blop hop.  Myself and other Stampin’ Up! demos over at ILWS are having a little blog hop to celebrate the forthcoming release of the 2013-2014 annual Stampin’ Up! catalogue and to have a bit of a sob as we say goodbye to products that we have enjoyed playing with.

You may be starting the hop with me, or you may have come here via Leanne.  Here are my projects that I have made to show you using some of the retiring products, and, if you like any of those that are retiring the motto is, want them, order them today as I cannot guarantee how long they are going to remain in stock.  The online store is still having its teething issues fixed so if you would like to order simply send me an email with your requirements (item nr, what it is and how much) and I will get back to you asap re payment.

Tweet, tweet ~ one of my favourites is the Aviary stamp set and this is set to retire this year (boo hoo).  Here is a card that I have made using this set.

I have made a tri-fold card and if you want to have a go too, here’s the how to:

You need a piece of cardstock measuring 12″ x 5.5″ and then using your scoreboard, score at 2″ /  4″  /  8″ and then 10″ from one edge:

Sarah Keerie - Independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator tri-fold card

Now you are going to do some measuring and then some cutting.  Place your piece of cardstock so that it is portrait on your scoreboard.  Measure in 1.5″ from the left and mark a line from the 2″ line down to the 10″ line.  Do this again at 4″.

Sarah Keerie - Independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator tri-fold card

Then, cut the two lines which you have just made (you can of course skip the marking step and go straight to cutting) so you end up with this.

Sarah Keerie - Independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator tri-fold card

Finally, create your folds.  I thought it easier to show you this rather than explain!

Sarah Keerie, independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator tri fold card and your piece of card should look like this.

Now all you have to do is decorate.

Sarah Keerie Independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator trifold card

Aviary (clear mount) 120462
Curly cute (clear mount) 120510
Twitterpated dsp 125406

I’ve also made a selection of 4″ cards and made some envelopes to go with them.  These are using the Easy Events stamp set.  These are really cute and idea for making something quick, especially if you have forgotten a birthday!  At a recent craft fair a load of baby cards that I had made were all purchased so this is an excuse to make more 😉

Stampin' Up! easy events

Do check the retirement lists, with the moral of the story being if you want, get them now.  I have popped links on to the post I made yesterday for both the retiring stamps and retiring accessories – click here to open a new window.

Here are some other projects using Tea Shoppe, Four Seasons.

20130420_210507 Chock full of cheer

The ornament punch & bigz elegant bird die

Ornament Punch


I hope you have been inspired, do leave a comment so I know you have popped by.  Now it is  Michelle‘s turn to show you what she has created.

May the crafting mojo be with you.

Hedgepigs, Paradise & Ghost Road

I’ve finally made a start on the essay, well I have five pages of notes galore and have created the word document.  So, A300 EMA is now in progress.  I think I’m going to be having instrumentalism/aesthetics and the literary values for one of the criterion, still working on another one (or maybe two).  Will get there in the end, well I have to really don’t I!   And I guess today is the “Revenge of the Sixth” (seeing I missed posting yesterday due to kids wearing me out).  I need a handbook on parenting a hormonal 12 year old and dealing with a son who is on the autistic spectrum along with a 7 year old who is having ‘huffy’ moments because A and B are  won’t play with him {sigh}.


I’ve my stockpile of little boxes that I was working on the other day, here is the finished pile.  I’ll be taking them to the craft fair and will see how they go.  I think they are quite handy to put in a small gift like a pair of earrings or necklace, plus you get a little gift card as well which is popped inside.


I’ve also played along with the Dilly Beans Friday challenge.  This time it was making something for Mother’s Day (we had it earlier in the UK).  I was thinking of my mum and she likes hedgehogs so I have used one of the stamps that I got the other day along with the flowers one.  Both digi downloads and coloured in.  I’ve cut out the little hedgehog and layered it up.  Used some paper from the Tea for Two (it’s one long piece and I have folder over on the right – if that makes sense) and some of the lovely ribbon seam binding.  Also got the embossing powder out to play.  I hope you like it 🙂


The apple blossom is coming along nicely on one of the apple trees, I can’t get to the other one with my current predicament with my hip/back/sacroilitis mucking me around after last Thursday’s dreadful morning (chasing after son number 1 around the block as he ‘went into one’).  I’m going to have to make a trip back to the doctor as my daily dosage of codeine isn’t even touching the pain at the moment.  I have alas being going over the limit to try and knock the pain on the head but the darned bones are having a right old paddy.  Hey ho.

Here is Speckles coming to say hello with Coralie peering in from over her shoulder.  The girls have enjoyed a lot of sunbathing and dust baths today.  They have made a well in their coup where they go throwing dirt over themselves.


Looking forward to blossom being turned into scrummy apples.



And, I am a useless gardener, not one of my pastimes, so is this a weed or a flower, I’ve no idea what it is but it’s pretty!


Back to work tomorrow, hope the weather stays fine and we can get down to the quay, maybe indulge in an ice cream (again) 😉

May the crafting mojo be with you!

Ultimate Blog Challenge – day 13 – myeloperoxidase

Well, firstly the iMac is definitely kerpooped. It is now one huge phone charger as my phone cable is plugged into one of the ports on the keyboard. All is it doing is showing me an apple and the spinning firework. It will now be consigned to somewhere in the house until such time that we get a new hard drive for it.

Despite being bunged up and having a lack of voice, it was an ‘early’ start this morning, up at 7am on a Saturday is not right but me and MIL had a craft fair in Holt. It was a lovely spring day but sadly there was not a lot of people coming in to peruse let alone buy, and that was for all the stall holders not just ours. I did take some pics so you can see what lovely stuff we make.




Right, so day 13 and we are at the letter ‘m’. Seeing I have the dreaded lurgie and I do love to share, I thought I would indulge my strange sense of humour and tell you about myeloperoxidase. We’re moving into the realms of biology here, with having what we generally may call the ‘snots’ or simply the plain ole lurgie, this stuff is an enzyme that is secreted by our white blood cells which in turn gets the rubbish out of your body in the form of mucus, it’s part of our own little defence system to eradicate those nastily little bacteria that our body doesn’t want in it at the time of having a stinky cold!

Now, what usually happens to me is that Sinusitis comes along and is a right pain in, well the eyeballs and the whole head usually, and bending over is a right pain as well. But, as you may know, sinus infections are a result of a viral infection, not a bacterial one and antibiotics don’t work against a virus and so you just have to wait it out. I just hope that this goes soon as I’m finding it slightly hard to concentrate, and if you have visited my blog before, I am in the middle of an essay which was on track until the iMac died and now I am behind. Hey ho, live long and prosper and should you be suffering with an excess of myeloperoxidase being formed, my thoughts are with you fellow sufferer!

Let’s get this party started!

Having had some success when I was on the 21 day challenge with Boossh, although I didn't quite get a stone off I got a fair whack of lard off of me that went into the ether!  You may have seen the 5:2 eating regime as it has been on the tv and Boossh are doing a trial and I was successful in being chosen to give it a go.

So, how does it work…  For 5 days out of the week you just eat normally and then on two non-consecutive days, you fast. Boossh are supplying four days worth of their meal packs (of my choice) and this is what I will have on my fast days.  Four packs and there are also some optional extras that I can have if I so wish.  Must also remember to drink the water and I have a wicked little app on my phone to remind me to do this!

I'm interested to see how this 5:2 works as I have seen that quite a few people have had good results and not only that, the health benefits.  As some know, I have got arthritis in my back and hip and getting the weight off will mean that my bones won't have as much excess load to carry about.  I'm around 1.5 stone overweight and have that unhealthy fat that is around the middle of me.  Even though I have gone down from a size 16 to a size 12 (or 14 depending on the cut of clothing), I never want to go back to a size 16 and ideally, in my own head, being a 10/12 is where I would like to be.  Looking at those size things, my ideal weight is somewhere in the 8 stone area, well that is a right laugh as personally I feel I would like like a rake and I do like having a bit of a curve 😉

Also, today I am off to get my nails done.  I'm heading on over to Lara at Lacey Beauty to have some gel overlays and having had my nails done already by Lara, I'm looking forward to some pampering although no doubt will have the dilemma on which colour nails to go for!

Oh yeah, the essay.  A300, TMA04 has gone, wooooosh into the submission pot for my tutor to have a right laugh and hopefully give me more than 40% for my effort!  It was a right pig to be honest, I think the hard part was more of breaking down the question.  And, two evaluative bibliographies, my poor brain cell went into overdrive for that one, not done one before, don't want to do one again!  So, Brecht and Galileo…  I must admit that I actually enjoyed reading the play and breaking it down in terms of what Brecht was up to in writing it was quite interesting.  I'll watch the film again that we got in the set dvds and look at it in a new light as I had watched it before reading the coursework.  I just need to pass this course and then do one more level 2 or level 3 of 60 credits and that will be be done and on track for a BA (Hons) Open.  Courses open for registration March time and so I have been having a little peruse of what to do next, Greek and Roman myth seem to be up on the list but then I saw childrens literature, dilemma….

The rest of the plan for today, is to finish tidying the house as we moved bedrooms around the other day (I felt the pain but drowned it over at a friends at a Body Shop party!) and make some things.  I have some meander books to finish off as the essay took over yesterday's crafting activities.

Finally, I have spaces on hostess groups starting in March.  Just need a couple of people to fill the waiting list and then that one can get started.  The plan is to have orders in before 21 March so that some of the members of the group can take advantage of the Sale-a-bration promotion.  Also, spaces on the product share and also the ribbon share.  Once these are filled I can get the products ordered 🙂

May the crafting mojo be with you!