Demo FAQs

Hobby or business demo FAQs

Stampin’ Up! offers different types of ‘demo’, whether you are after the discount to feed a crafting habit or want to earn some money, here are some FAQs and answers based on those I have been asked over the years along with an explanation of the different ways of being a demo.  Once you have had a read through, or simply, you know what you want to do, you can join me here.

What are the quarters and the minimum?

The quarters are Jan to March, April to June, July to September and October to December.  The minimum is based on 300 CV (commissionable volume), for the UK this would be a quarterly sales volume of £270 (net £225).

What happens if I join during a quarter?

Stampin’ Up! allows you a ‘grace’ period when you join within a calendar quarter.  Call it an easing in period!  Say you joined in May, then you would have until September to meet your minimum – anything you had purchased yourself (or sold) since May, counts towards the minimum.

What counts towards the minimum order?

All of your purchases (and any sales you make) of commissionable value items count.

But what if I don’t meet the quarterly minimum?

You don’t have to send anything, or pay anything, back to Stampin’ Up!  Stampin’ Up! will give you an extra month for you to try and achieve them.  The ball is in your court as they say.  If you don’t reach the minimum then you just become inactive and won’t be able to purchase or sell products via your demonstrator back office.  If you decided that you want to rejoin you can do so immediately (with the purchase another starter kit) with the same upline you joined with initially.  If you want a different upline, then you will have to wait a period of 90 days before you can rejoin.

What is the discount/commission?

The commission/discount is 20% and you get this straight away when you make your own purchase through your demonstrator website.  For customers who order through your online Stampin’ Up! website, you will be paid the 20% commission direct into your bank account around the 10th of the month.  You can earn up to 38% commission depending on your sales and title.

Do I have to recruit?

No.  You can join me whether you want to buy for yourself or want to use Stampin’ Up! as a business opportunity.  Whatever your choice, I will support you.  And, you can change your mind on what you want to do.

I’m not in the UK, can I join you?

Yes, if you are in Germany, France, The Netherlands or Austria you would be welcome to join me.  Unfortunately, these are the only countries that are able to join me and Stampin’ Up! at this time.

I would recommend that you read the terms and conditions of being a demo, we do have rules, what company doesn’t and they are there to protect not only Stampin’ Up! but you and your fellow demonstrators.  You can read them here.  (If you want these in French or German do email me).

What does it cost to join?

You choose a fully customisable starter kit.  You choose what YOU want in YOUR kit!

For those in the UK,  £99 and you choose up to £130 of product.
For those in Europe €129 and you choose up to €175  of product

On top of this you also receive a business pack which contains the essentials to start a business, if that’s what you want to do.

What do I get from you?

You get me whenever you need me, there is no pressure, if you are happy to simply buy at a discount for yourself that is fine, if you want to move forward, I am here.  If you think you can’t bother me with a question you think is silly, it is no bother, if you have a question ask it.  I am here for support and encouragement for as long as you need it or want it.

I want to sign up.  How do I do this?

Firstly, I would have a look in the online catalogues and see what products you want that add up to your starter kit (you can’t go over the value).  Also have ready your

  • Your personal information such as street address, mailing address, phone number, etc.
  • A valid major credit card

Then when you are ready:

  1. Click here.
  2. Read the Agreement and Electronic consent and the Independent Demonstrator Agreement and click the agree boxes.
  3. The online order form will prompt you to choose your products for your starter kit.  Simply choose your products and follow the prompts.

Once you are done you will receive a welcome email from Stampin’ Up! which will give you access to your very own demo website.  Note that to comply with Direct Selling Regulations, you will need to wait a period of 7 days before you can place your first order.  This gives you time to have a wander around your back office, have a practice with some ordering and click the training, I am a new demonstrator.  Contact me if you get stuck.