Duke House rabbit

Duke the house rabbit, a poorly rabbit

You may know that we are a house that doesn’t have a cat etc but we have house rabbits.  We have three, Duke and Daisy who are brother and sister, and we adopted Tilly.  They often appear on Instagram as one of the many House Rabbits of Instagram.  They roam much of the house, some places off limits of course, I’ve lost count as to how many USB cables they’ve taken a liking too.  As I went to work on Monday (29.10) Duke bunny wasn’t overly happy and when I got home he was struggling to pee and so that evening he was taken to the vets, he didn’t come home but became an inpatient.

The following morning an x-ray revealed a bladder stone.  He had an op to remove the offending object and was on painkillers (rabbit morphine).  When the vet said he was wearing a jacket, I didn’t envisage a onesie.

He has a JustGiving page, his vet bill was higher than imagined and his pet insurance had not kicked in so we can’t claim – you know you have that so many days before you can claim and we couldn’t wait a few more days as we thought more of Duke at that time.

He has had some fine dining, cabbage with a strawberry leaf garnish, I’d like to see him drink more but his greens are washed so he is getting some extra liquid in him.  He is leaving little puddles around but that’s good, I’d rather little puddles than no pee!

He is still struggling a bit to pee but we are having bigger puddles and longer, and he is looking much better in *that* region.  He is eating well, which is a good sign, and starting to get annoyed when he has to have his medication (still has painkillers and on antibiotics), and a little spruce along with some sudocream to stop pee burn.

Today he was de-robed as he had started to nibble at his onesie, it needs a clean and as his wound from his op was looking much better.  He certainly felt better for it coming off, I think as he had a good shake!  Another little benefit of it staying on was that Daisy couldn’t wash him as he was getting a bit thin around the back of the neck fur line.

He’s off for a post-op check on Monday and we can just hope that he continues to improve in the bladder department. The days are a case of seeing if there are little puddles around which does make it slightly easier to see that he is going.  He has also managed to get into the litter tray which is also a good sign that he is knowing when something is about to happen.

He’s such an adorable, loved, happy, cuddly (for a rabbit), handsome chap.

Duke House rabbit

Finally, here’s a picture of Duke as we want him to be, back to his usual self and doing his duke flops.




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