Stampin' Rewards

What are Stampin’ Rewards?

Have you been and visited my online shop and seen the part where it says ‘Stampin’ rewards’ and wondered what they are?  Contrary to some people thinking they are signing up for a kind of loyalty scheme, this isn’t one of those.  Simply put you get instant rewards with a qualifying purchase, no accumulating points to save up for a product, you can get some great benefits based on how big your order is, and for some, a couple of pennies have resulted in missing out on the next level of rewards.
The bigger your order, the bigger the rewards, you can even earn 50% off an item!
Think of when you would have a hostess party (remember the days of Tupperware parties!), people order and when the order is over a certain amount, the hostess earns some money to spend on hostess benefits.  This is how it works for you, order over a certain amount and you get these same benefits.  I have customers who get a group of friends together for a big order so they can earn some benefits along with a couple of craft groups who order each month and work along the lines of one of my virtual hostess groups.
Of course,  in order to earn rewards you need to spend some money!  You can choose anything from the catalogues/promotions at the time of your order, not just the specific items in the reward aisle.  The reward products are just that, if you have a qualifying spend, these products are just for you.
See the chart below which shows the levels of percentages and order amounts in both £’s and Euros. If you want to create a virtual party, get in touch and I can create a unique code for you to share with your crafting friends and family (hostess codes are generally valid for 10 days).
Stampin up hostess rewards

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