Tutorial decorative home decor snowflakes

This is a decorative star, come snowflake! I have made this on a small size, with a view to making them as tree decorations. You can make them as big or as small as you like.

6 sheets of square double sided patterned paper.
I have used the snow festival 126908 £9.95 dsp trimmed down to 4″ x 4″.
Stapler.  Ribbon.  Hole punch.
Trim down your patterned paper to your desired size.
Fold each square in half and half again and then carefully cut three times but don’t cut right to the centre. Do this to each piece.

When you open your paper, it should look something like this:

Next comes the folding and sticking, do this to each one.
Open your piece of paper and take the middle and bring to the front and stick them together like so:
Turn the paper over and repeat with the next strips.


Do it again.


And then once more.


Repeat with the remainder pieces and then you should end up with six of these.

Now comes the sticking.

I use the snail adhesive to stick the middle and then stick the point (which will become the middle) gradually adding them, I do three at a time and then join them together, popping a staple in the centre point.  Finally, add some ribbon to hang your star.


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Tutorial corner catcher bookmark

The Impressions magazine that we get as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator has a rather cute corner catcher (or bookmark!) and I thought I’d have a go myself at making one.  I’ve done instructions so you can have a play as well…

I have used a 4″ piece of square cardstock as the base for mine.  Mark it up at 2″ on the top and then the left and right sides.  Score and fold.


Next, trim a piece of DSP measuring 2″ x 4″ and trim it down as this gets stuck onto the back.


Turn over and then decorate the front.  I drew around a piece of DSP and then trimmed it down that way.


And there you go, one corner catcher.  Have fun!  {You might want it a bit smaller so you might find making it a 3″ square is better but I wanted mine big!}



(¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸ Sarah ¸.•’´¯)¸.•’´¯)
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Tutorial Origami kusudama flowers

Time to make some great origami flowers. I’ve just made a couple of flowers and each one is made up of 5 pieces of paper trimmed down to 10cm x 10cm square.  The bigger your square of paper the bigger your flower will end up. You need a good glue for this and some paperclips come in handy.

I’m doing some step by step photos for you and rather than using the patterned paper have used a plain piece of cardstock as I think that makes it easier to see the steps:

1 – fold your piece of paper in half – I’m using a bone folder so that the folds get a firm crease.







2 – fold one diagonal into the centre and repeat with the other side.

 20120928_211901 20120928_211933
 3 – next, and I hope that isn’t too hard to follow, you need to fold back the top layer outwards on both sides.
4 – open up the  triangles you have just made and now flatten them out and then the outside pointy bits, you need to tuck those into themselves.
20120928_212110 20120928_212150
5.  Nearly there, now fold the outside edges in half again, so you should have something that resembles the picture below.

6 – stick the outside flaps and then bring the edges together, and all being well, you end up with the same thing as in the second picture, one ‘petal’.

20120928_212325 20120928_212407

I have used five petals to make a flower, you can make them tighter and use six (and if you like folding!).  As the glue ‘sets’ I use some paperclips to hold the folds and petals together.  A glue gun comes in handy for this.


And here you have it, the final result of 5 petals all glued together.  You can turn them into a flower bauble and to do this you will need around 12 flowers and some ribbon. 20120928_215318

And here’s one I made a while ago…


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