Card making – pop up panel card

I’ve seen the pop up cards popping up over recent months and having watched some videos, I like step by step with pictures! These are great and (hopefully) a nice surprise for the recipient when they open their card.

What you need:

Step 1. Inside mechanism – cardstock measuring 20m x 9cm – Scored in half lengthways

Measure at 5.5 and 14.5cm on each of the long edges and then score the 5.5 cm to the 14.5cm mark – creating an ‘x”.  Give the score lines a crease using your bone folder.

Take the right edged over along the score line and do the same with the left.

You should then be able to easily bring your folds together, and end up with this

Step 2, you need a piece of cardstock measuring 9 x 26cm

Using a pencil, place 3 pencil marks at 6.5, 13.5 and 19.5cm along each long edge and then score and crease (so you end up with a W shape).

Step 3, cardstock = 10 x 30cm (this is your card front and back), scored in the middle (fold in half!) and place a pencil mark in the fold at 5cm

Decorate your step 2 cardstock.Decorate your step 3 cardstock on the inside and then the fold (step 1) goes in.

Put some really sticky glue/red tape on the triangle of one side first, and line up the point with your pencil mark and press down.  Put glue on the triangle left and stick this down (simply fold the card) and hold down for a bit.

You should end up with  this:

Open up your card and mark the centre at 5cm as shown.

Line up the centre  of the 4-fold card to the centre mark you have just made and fold over each of the edges, and then glue the upper half of the right hand side ABOVE the score line and on the left glue on the BOTTOM of the score line.

Cross your fingers, fold your card and it should fold in nicely.  Then all you need to do now is finish decorating.


All being well, if the instructions work for you as they do in my head, you will have a super little popping card!  The one I made along side this tutorial is now with the recipient so here is a picture of the finished card front.

(¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸ Sarah ¸.•’´¯)¸.•’´¯)
May the Crafting Mojo be with you! 

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