Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tutorial matchbook album

As I am in a creative frame of mind (or putting off the OU essay), I've made a little matchbook album.  A few choice words were uttered in getting the measurements but I got there in the end to make this - apologies for the lighting of the pics, doing this in the evening and the light is rubbish.


If you fancy having a go, I have done a step by step and hope that you can follow it ok.

1. Inside pages

I've started this album using 6 pieces of cardstock trimmed down to 5" x 6" and scored at 1" on each piece.


2. The cover

I used 5 pieces of chipboard:

2 pieces measuring 5.5 x 5.5"

3 pieces measuring 5.5 x 1"

2 pieces of patterned paper (same pattern) measuring 7.75" x 6.5"


Then, stick the chipboard to the patterned paper.  I used the grid pad to line up my paper and left a small space between the chipboard pieces to make folding easier.  The two strips of paper meet in the middle of the centre spine, kind of where the pencil is on the picture below.


I used two pieces of dsp cut to 7.25 x 5 3/8" to cover the insides, again the two pieces met in the middle(ish) of the centre spine.  This was a bit fiddly and I gave the folds a good crease so that the paper didn't ripple.  I glued the larger part first (the 5.5 x 5.5 size) and then eased the rest of the sheet in gradually gluing it down.


3. Binding
I punched holes in the first piece of the spine that measures 1" at 1" in at each end and the same again on the other side of the spine.  Then punched holes in my pages at around 0.75" - just a case of lining up your holes in the spine, or page whichever way you decide to do this bit.


Next thread some ribbon through the holes, I started at the back so that I could tie it off at the front.

The final bit will be finishing off with embellishing the cover and pages (not quite sure what I am going to do with this at the moment!).

You can also make some pocket pages, to do this trim your cardstock/paper to 10" x 6" and score each end at 2.5", fold the outside edges in and I have used a strip of paper to cover the fold.  Also, score one end at 1".  I used a scallop punch to add a bit of decoration where I will put the insert into the pocket.