Thursday, 1 March 2018

Mermaids and Brusho Crystals

I had a crafting spurt, although perhaps having this after having had a shower was the wrong way around!  I now have coloured thumbs.

Anyway, being overcome by the urge to make something, had come about by sorting out my crafting tote.  You know those spritzer bottles you can get and add your own spritz-mix, I had a couple I had made up a while ago.  I am not entirely sure what was in them but it looked pretty.  I gave some white cardstock a spritz and then, being on a flow, sprinkled on some Brusho crystals - blue and yellow.

I then hit upon the idea that it would make a great background to stamp on some mermaids.  This is trial and error.  I first stamped using some versa mark and sprinkled on some of the white embossing powder.  Although you can see the mermaid, just.  I stamped it in black then and gave it a sprinkle with some green embossing powder lurking in one of my embossing tubs.  This one came out much better.   I'm not sure what I am going to do with them, for now they just look pretty.


Stampin up mermaid brusho