Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Public Service Announcement

Sorry it has been a while since a post.  A few things...

I've not been very well, physically (symptoms of being a female) and mentally I have often been falling down a rabbit hole.

But, things are improving.  I'm exercising regularly with Brian (we are doing Pamela Reif, it's just 30-45 minutes each day, with a rest day) but if you are like me and exercise has been a swear word for many years, it sure is helping feeling better, as in #exerciseformentalhealth and we (we have both not been doing too well) have been doing meditation (Headspace) on Netflix, although there are a couple of meditations that I have to skip as I just can't cope with them.

Pamela Reif today - lots of booty and the stretches, well getting there with some of them!

My Masters degree = I also had an essay to do which caused me some grief as well, I had an extension and managed to get more than I thought I would, especially seeing I didn't do the word count.  But, now onto something I enjoy more, some Coriolanus (Shakespeare / Brecht), I love intertextuality.  Although it's March and the essay is due 15 April, I hope my head is more clear to get this one done on time with no extension.

What else, well I broke my Facebook page but that is now fixed, that was also causing some stress, what with having social media pointing to a page that you couldn't publish on, it was, well, a PITA (Pain In The A*&£).  

Now for some crafting updates - I hope you made it this far!

Retiring List

We will have the retiring list for the annual catalogue on 24 March at 7pm.  I only know that the 2019-2021 retiring in-colors will be retiring.  My advice to you, as I don't like sad customers, get / top up your favourite colours now, that includes your re-inkers, I just don't hold stock of retiring colours.  Click here or the image below to go to the retiring in-colours.

New Suite

We have an early release from the upcoming new catalogue and it is gorgeous.  There is a paper pack, a beautiful stamp, dies and also some papers with a wood grain effect.  It is called Butterfly Bouquet.  

Do take a look at it, I love it and just waiting for mine to arrive.

That's all for now, I am off to read a book and chill for a while.

Happy crafting & thank you for your support

Sarah x